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2 Panels Plot, 1 Panel Emo Jokes

terwallace on 28. May, 2009 — Lang: English

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2 Panels Plot, 1 Panel Emo Jokes
  • Description

    Seriously, Emo? No thank you.

    I like where this is going. It adds a little bit of depth to Connor, both in where he's coming from, as well as showing how he deals with problems.

    Of course, then I throw away all literary aspects and make fun of emo kids instead. ADD? What's that?

    Oh, and a quick shout out to my friend Warder, who accidentally gave me the idea for the last panel, as well as zombie's pizza line. It was just too good not to use.

    Relationships, Connor, Zombie, Emo, Pizza, Ice Cream
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  • superturtle 28.5.2009
    Wow, I've just realized, I'm the same situation as Connor... Thats pretty creepy.

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