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Tip Of The Iceberg

terwallace on 27. May, 2009 — Lang: English

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Tip Of The Iceberg
  • Description

    It's safe to say, somewhere in the past, that Connor's had some rleationship drama.

    I was suffering from a mild case of writer's block today, so I decided to move this part of the plot along a little further. This was hinted at WAY back, like 40 strips ago, but I hadn't come back to it yet. I'm not sure when, if at all, I'll get around to revealing exactly what happened, but for now let's just say the characters have just a little more depth than we've seen so far.

    Don't worry though, Connor's not gonna go all emo on us.

    Connor, Zombie, Relationships
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  • superturtle 27.5.2009
    Hurry! I wanna read the next strip!!! make it!! make it!!!!!

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