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Blast From the Past: Episode 1

SnakeYukin on 21. Feb, 2012 — Lang: English

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Blast From the Past: Episode 1
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    So by deleting some stuff, I get my library back. Oh joy. Always gotta love deleting stuff when you have enough space for several more items.

    Anyways, this is a new series that I was wanting to do a while back. I was tempted to see if I could update my looks for the characters, which I might later on, but I don't feel like it right now... I'm tired and sleepy.

    Also, as I've tried to hint in previous comics/series after the Noonie vs me events, I have picked up some new stuff from the alter-me... though I haven't quite got everything down or handle it.



    Hey Snake, isn't it great to be back here again. It's been a while since we've seen our friends.

    Don't you mean YOUR friends?

    And why are you talking to me?

    Come now. After the whole Noonie vs us battle, I've come to accept you.


    We got him in sight.

    Good! Continue as planned, but keep an eye on him.

    And you do know we're being watched.

    Of course. I bet they think their clever.

    They do have snipers all around us.

    At key spots too.

    So what's your plan, kill them all?

    No, I have another plan. Plus I want to try out something.

    This is Bravo 1...

    ...taking the...

    Negative! Negative!

    I've... lost visual.

    I was afraid this might happen. Wait for me at Location E.




    Does anyone got visual?!

    In a nearby alley...


    I was hoping this wouldn't happen in short distances.

    I told you, YOUR body isn't adjusted to most of my powers just yet: inlcuding teleporting.

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  • TheGiantCookie 20.6.2013
    Thats wicked. How did you do it? This is awesome!
  • paco_de_pinda 13.7.2012
    Hehehe.. good strip.. 5 GOD's commented to it ^^
  • greta_grot 3.3.2012
    this should have been bribed! love it!
  • greta_grot 3.3.2012
    teleporting is a little rough on the respiratory system!
  • Flamingdeath 23.2.2012
    eheheheh try again, foolish mortal!
  • markmahem 22.2.2012
    Good to have you back!!
  • Maoriman 22.2.2012
    Happens with me, too - but watch your typos mate... it distracts from your bloody good storylines...
  • dadebomb123 21.2.2012
    YAY nice you are back snake
  • dawg123 21.2.2012
    Uh oh bleeding from mouth doesnt look good
  • Magique 21.2.2012
  • ourWorld_Online 21.2.2012
    Good to have you back.
  • Ambrosius77 21.2.2012
    Did my hints helped?

    Do You know what kind of elements you deleted? Maybe one specific shape, theme pack or masking method causing the bug.
  • 35sheep 21.2.2012
    Great having you back. And with teleporting abilities too!!!
  • cirkuz 21.2.2012
    what happen to the treasure?

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