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The Art of Textboxes

Ambrosius77 on 3. Mar, 2011 — Lang: English

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The Art of Textboxes
  • Description

    I am the only one who miss the red textbox letters?

    Fortunately textboxes can be rotated (with some trick) only text are not... :D This is a feature not a bug so please not fix that.

    New development idea for the staff: truly rotatable texboxes with text and colored letters. I do not know the limits of the Adobe Actionscript I hope that this can be done. :D But this is not as important than a real color picker and a colorize my shapes option. Imagine the possibilities of coloring your strips with a simple click on the object areas. I am 99% sure that this can be done by storing color codes of objects along with their normal data and put a color picker control to the engine.

    I am afraid that this would mean more bugs and glitches and erasing of the library again...

    I have no time for serious strips and I was rather depressed about that my getting the true yellow color method is no longer working. I had plans with that. That happens when developers are focusing on security and stability rather than adding new features... :D
    Good job guys!

    So now I need some fresh inspiration here. Please help me.

    Should I make portraits again? But from who?

    This strip is a reply to ASCIInator, The Perfect Colors, Eye Organism, Orange?, Poker Face



    double click to write...








    Ambrosius77, Experiment
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