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Vendura page 11

ourWorld_Online on 23. Jan, 2012 — Lang: English

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Vendura page 11
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    The is the first page of Chapter 2. This page introduces some new characters to Vendura and a new landscape. We have left the planet of Notron and are now on the planet of Claron at the largest energy rig in Claron, which is owned by Rozid Max (iMax). This page also features MarkMahem as Marcus Vax.

    Hope you enjoy!

    This strip is a reply to Vendura page 10



    Chapter 2 .:. Energy Harvesting

    Chapter 2 .:. Energy Harvesting

    There he is.


    Oh it's you. God. You gotta stop doing that.

    What the hell took you so long?

    Just as we were reaching the gate into Bomar a scorpian stung Chorik. We had to get him treated.

    Chorik, Chorik. The name doesn't ring any bells.

    The Carrier.

    Ah, yes. That was a very wise decision.

    Do you even know anybody's name?

    As a matter of fact yes I do. Your name is Marcus.

    Besides me?

    I also know my name. But really what is the point of knowing names when you can just know their job?

    page 11

    Vendura, Rozid Max, Marcus Vax, iMax, MarkMahem, ourWorld_Online, Claron, energy rig, hologram
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