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Idea Recovery: Video 1

SnakeYukin on 13. Dec, 2011 — Lang: English

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Idea Recovery: Video 1
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    So I'm gonna try something here. I hinted at what this will be on my twitter a bit back. Just wasn't sure if I would get to it or would feel like it.

    Oh well, here goes, let the confusion begin.... and maybe messages.



    Well everyone, I must say, ideas for my "A New Start" series are flowing quite well.

    But I'm kinda wanting take a brief break. Do something else for a little bit and then go back.

    Perhaps I should have thought of this before starting the new act.

    But when have I ever truly thought stuff out.

    Oh, why the camera? Well, I've been forgetting some of my ideas, so I thought this would help.

    Surely this isn't some clever device for some new series I hinted at on my twitter. No, that's too clever.

    Anyways, the night is still young I guess. So what to do?

    I could always bug someone. Though who to go with?

    Then again, how many would actually let me in. They do see me as a bug. Though they have no problem mooching at my place.

    Ah... dfakjlgzn daflkjtndakd... I'll... bgpedad freidalt... tomorrow.

    Ugh... how hard is it to turn this camera off?

    Stupid camera!

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