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A New Start: Act 2-1

SnakeYukin on 1. Dec, 2011 — Lang: English

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A New Start: Act 2-1
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    And so the quest is found and revealed by a clown. Also, we're not alone. Someone be watchin' we.

    Also, said character design isn't finished and I just quickly put together that design. So it will likely change soon enough.

    This strip is a reply to A New Start: Act 1 Finale



    Truth be told, someone will usually appear,

    Unless someone made them disappear.

    If we just count to three,
    I'm sure there'll be someone to see.

    So that's your plan to wait around?

    Maybe just go and sit on the ground?

    Just how..

    Hey, you two clowns over there!

    Come over here and we'll talk fair!

    See Noonie, what did I say,

    We didn't even wait all day.

    Two new clowns I see before me.

    Beware the woods, you must be wary.

    Tell us what lies in the woods to fear,
    Tell us everything that you hear.

    Only dead clowns tred in the woods!

    Only a monster awaits ye there dudes!

    Quest Added: Kill the Monster of the Woods!

    So is this monster going to be Spunkn?

    It's probably not even scary,
    Though maybe a little hairy.

    Why would he stay in the woods like a bumpkin?

    This better not take long as I'm tired of the rhyming.

    One can get used to it with just a little timing.

    Now we're here, what now fearless leader?

    Wow, leader, I thought I was considered just feeder.

    I can take it back if you prefer,
    Answer before you again defer.

    Hehehe, it seems we have some interloping clowns,
    Want me to beat them till they make no sounds.

    No, no, no, just leave them be,
    Let's just stand back and see,
    They'll be back, that I can bet,
    When they do, our trap will be set.

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