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The Legend will return.......

kennyreid on 11. Nov, 2009 — Lang: English

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The Legend will return.......
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    TEXT: The Legend will return......


    once i am done wiping the floor with Noonie and beating her into my slave, ill start an epic series based on The Legend of Zelda, mixed with a story i wrote many years ago that fits. the role of Link is taken, and no it aint me....

    it wont be a parody, its going to be dark and serious, and very epic!

    im opening a cast call; i need a Ganandorf, and i need a Zelda, and extras to fill characters you will know and some of my own creation.

    interested? leave a message, or a u2u

    wish me luck too, i intend to make this as detailed as possible.....
    it'll take everything out me, i promise

    CAST requested positions):

    SkullKid played by jZeno, or SkullZeno
    Ganandorf played by dawg123, or Ganandawg
    Zelda ?
    King of Hyrule ?
    Kennys origonals - Larci, Spunkn, NooniePuuBunny
    Classic characters ?

    still lotta space, please specify what kinda role you want, or choose a character from zelda universe and its yours

    This strip is a reply to Legend of Zelda is coming back........, Legend of Zelda: SG, Zelda Skyward Sword, Gaming Contest, LEGEND OF ZELDA CHARACTER #1
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  • stihl 6.12.2019
    black night
  • asfaltocaldo 30.4.2012
    interesting and well-done strip, with its "old days" charm
  • sulegnA 16.4.2012
  • dadebomb123 12.4.2012
    beating Noonie into a slave, good luck
  • Eona 11.4.2012
    OOO, Nicee ;)
  • gregheffleydude1 11.4.2012
    Nice job.
  • Dhinu 7.4.2012
    Nice ..
  • ourWorld_Online 27.11.2011
    very cool
  • ErikaB 12.4.2010
  • Val 28.2.2010
  • mynola 13.11.2009
    It¨s a pity, my english find you very dificult. I try to follow your story.. the roles...but...
  • Streetin 12.11.2009
    I'll be Zant from twilight princess...
  • shod0001 12.11.2009
    congrats on bribe kenny again nice work as always.
  • betheroni701 12.11.2009
    Stunning Kenny! I'd love to be in this as anything you think appropriate!

    Have you seen the web series Legend of Neil??? I think its Brilliant but very much a comedy. :)))
  • Spunkn 12.11.2009
    Put me up for the Happy Mask Salesman, or the owl, or an original character or where ever you think I will fit!
  • Spunkn 12.11.2009
    Congrats on the bribed, I can hear the music and see the green glow already!
  • Ambrosius77 11.11.2009
    I do not now this game, unfortunately.
    But you can make art from everything kenny. Big + for this.
  • kennyreid 11.11.2009
    BIG time
  • piposkj 11.11.2009
    I would be glad if you would take something from my stuff (there are three things at a time, if something interests you please let me know so I change what's public or not). I have a hypno teddy bear, if needed...
  • Lacri 11.11.2009
    This is amazing!!!!
    I want to be one of kenny original characters!!

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