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The SG Tribune Issue One

DLRAAR on 6. Mar, 2011 — Lang: English

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The SG Tribune Issue One
  • Description

    Issue One Of My Satiracle Newspaper. Feel Free To Write Your Own Section If You Want To. Just Email It To Me. P.S., My Name Is Not William Anderson.



    Ryoko To Recive Keys To Server Room.



    Your Number One Source For Strip Generator News.

    Volume 1
    Issue 1

    Media Section

    Is Spunkn Still Alive?

    "I Don't Know How This Happened!"
    Said The Local Man Whose Strip Was Banned From SG.


    Controversial Comic Taken Off Of Strip Generator.

    Differing // Oppinions

    Should This Strip Have Been Banned?

    No. SG Should Be A Place To Say And Do Anything, And It Is Turning Into A Communist Land!

    Yes! It's Lewd, It's Crewd, And, Well, It's Nude!

    "This Is The Fist Time Something Like This Has Happened," Said One SG Insider.

    Send Letters Read More On Page 4.

    Written By David Seville.

    Hundreds Are Up In Arms After A Controversial Comic Written By William "DLRAAR" Anderson Was Taken Off Of Strip Generator. One SG Insider Said That This Was The First Time Something Like This Had Ever Happened, While Another Said That This Was Not Unexpected. Why Wasn't This Unexpected? The Insider Said That This Strip Portrayed SG In A Negative Light, And The Top Dogs At SG Couldn't Stand It.

    Anger Over "Birds"
    Media Section

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  • Zoltar 14.12.2011
  • Zuber 28.7.2011
    This is a good read. I had also been wondering about Spunkn.
  • ryoko 6.3.2011
    Sweet, I love keys!!! great paper!
  • cirkuz 6.3.2011
    SG news is new
  • Ambrosius77 6.3.2011
    There is no Ban no Censorship (except self censorship or by the strip creator)here. This is a hoax DLRAAR :D
  • Spunkn 6.3.2011
    I'm still alive... mostly! Down with censorship! Up with mini skirts! Damn the man! Free the empire!~
  • benjamin895 6.3.2011
    haha brilliant idea mate... look forward to the next issue:)

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