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Deep Thoughts of StripGenerator Characters

dewfilms on 7. Feb, 2008 — Lang: English

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Deep Thoughts of StripGenerator Characters
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  • abrotons 18.4.2013
    I love Veronique
  • Zigmund 8.2.2008
    so here we go:
  • Zigmund 8.2.2008
    yea, a good idea.. but maybe sometimes its better that the graphics represent a new story to each user. users give it new meaning and thats what i love. i'll think about it defenetly!
  • prince_s 8.2.2008
    !!! thanxxxxx !!!

    i've never noticed that too. i thought it was his neck...

    i should ask someone to see the strip, coz he is using him, covering the words. XD

    Zigmund, why not stripping the stories behind these humen and beings?
    why they are look like this, do they have origins, etcetcetc.
  • dewfilms 7.2.2008
    Ha, interesting story. Thanks for sharing.
    I never noticed that the character's shirt had a priest collar.
  • Zigmund 7.2.2008
    this is him:

    this is the shirt: (both)
  • Zigmund 7.2.2008
    hehe that's a long story..
    see this is in fact a slovenian politician (who also does acting and stuff, hes pretty funny) who stole a shirt idea from me (or us - ZEK CREW).

    the basic slogan said FANT OD FARE, which is an old slovenian saying which basicly means GOOD FELLA, but is reffering to priestss. as in 'good fella of the church'. anyway, the shirt had this priest white thingie on the collar and the guy simply copied our idea and put the name of his political party (As) in the saying.

    so we had some media fights and that was that.
    it was then that i made this figure and ironicaly put the shirt on him :)
  • dewfilms 7.2.2008
    I don't either. Just thought it was a funny idea.
  • prince_s 7.2.2008
    oh! shake hands!

    i am thinking of that for a looooong time... and i still dont know what it means...

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