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Mirror #4

DLRAAR on 22. Oct, 2010 — Lang: English

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Mirror #4
  • Description

    It Keeps Coming!



    Ummm... Hello? I Knew You Were Coming. Of Course. You Want To Enter The Mirror. You Did? Why Do You Want To Go In The Mirror? My Boyfriend. He's Stuck In It. How Did He Get In? Me And Him Were... On A Date. I Was Messed Up. I Was Going To Kill Myself. Camilla! I'm Sorry, Jake! Jake Tried To Stop Me. Jake? I Ended Up Outside His Apartment. I Went In. Jake! Camilla! I Saw Jake In A... Mirror. I Think I Can Help You.

    mirror, 4, yay, politics, dlraar
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  • Drachir 6.11.2010
    tell me more
  • cirkuz 23.10.2010
    I agree with Ryoko!
  • ryoko 22.10.2010
    This tale is quite intriguing and mysterious
  • Spunkn 22.10.2010
    Oh wow! The mystery deepens! Great stuff!
  • Quantum11 22.10.2010
    If you become lucid in a dream, create a mirror, and watch your reflection. It will blow your mind!

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