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Star Wars Announcment

DLRAAR on 15. Aug, 2010 — Lang: English

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Star Wars Announcment
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    Hi, We're DLRAAR and Pixleman here to tell you something special. No, I am your father! It's something that's near and dear to all sci-fi fans hearts... Do, or do not, there is no try! STAR WARS IS COMING TO BLU-RAY! STAR WARS IS COMING TO BLU-RAY!

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  • dumalito 16.8.2010
    nice announcement!
    I hope I or my brothers to appear on screen this time...
  • cirkuz 16.8.2010
    I'll wait for the home 3-D version lol
  • dawg123 15.8.2010
    Haha wooohooo nerds are about to go nuts! dad my buy that
  • DLRAAR 15.8.2010
    Cool, Thanks for telling me! do you have a youtube?

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  • DLRAAR 15.8.2010
  • DLRAAR 15.8.2010
    WooHoo! DBZ Kai Is too! Should I make a strip?

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