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The Real Zombie Apocalypse, Prologue

Horatius on 28. May, 2011 — Lang: English

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The Real Zombie Apocalypse, Prologue
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  • SnakeYukin 30.5.2011
    Let's see how this goes.
  • Flamingdeath 29.5.2011
    this should be good.
  • 35sheep 29.5.2011
    Great start - keep'em coming!
  • Horatius 29.5.2011
    Stiltsen: "I Like the hellraiser box under the table!"

    I was asking Terwallace what her room would look like, and he said, "...a mix between little girl style and girl genius style." So, that's what the mysterious box is for. I'm not quite sure what the Wile E. Coyote magnet is for, but I'm sure it's nothing good!
  • Stiltsen 29.5.2011
    I Like the hellraiser box under the table!
  • benjamin895 29.5.2011
    haha nice work:)
  • Maoriman 28.5.2011
    Awesome run in, this oughta be good...

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  • Horatius 28.5.2011
    Ter: Anubis is in the Art Deco pack.

    I figure I'll do one a day on this series for most of this week. I've got at least 4 days already planned, but some might evolve into more than one day. And I might come up with extra stuff....
  • Azzie13 28.5.2011
    Nice begin of a serie keep going please!!
  • bluesockmonkey 28.5.2011
    oh, most excellent: a story about zombies, & it is starting with 2 of my very favorite characters! Speak on, oh Horatius....
  • terwallace 28.5.2011
    NICE! Zombie, true master of the reverb! I've been looking forward to this.

    BTW, which pack has Mr. Anubis?

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