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river flows ch. 1

Geoviking on 29. Aug, 2011 — Lang: English

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river flows ch. 1
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    This morning when I woke up, all I could hear was the wind and the rain.

    No traffic noise, no voices, no music.
    The tropical storm had chased everyone indoors.

    For a while, I stood by the window and just listened.

    It almost felt like the world had either just started or just ended.
    I honestly don't know which of those two scenarios would scare me the most.

    Rachel was in her usual place at the kitchen table.
    The empty coffee cup and full ashtray were proof that she'd been up and around earlier.
    She gazed at everything and nothing. Her breath was rhythmic.

    Lately, she had only "woken up" late at night, then "gone away" again before I got up.
    I hoped she was eating.

    I wondered briefly what to do with the day. I could clean the apartment (it needed it) - or I could get high and play records.

    Dean came by with some fresh fruit and his usual joke about scurvy.

    Can't see a thing in the hallway. Those damn kids took all the lightbulbs again.

    Listen - I'm not opening the store today. I'm gonna ride out the storm with some grass and the best soap operas God can create.

    You bet!

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