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What Happened in Vegas?

Horatius on 23. Jun, 2010 — Lang: English

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What Happened in Vegas?
  • Description

    I'm going back to Vegas in two weeks, and the Surfer Chick wants a re-match in the poker tournament she lost last year. What will happen now?

    See Strip Reply for last year's comics!

    This strip is a reply to Smack Down Pokerama, Gearing Up For War!



    Excuse me sirs! There's a package for you! "Dear Kitty-Boy. We tried it once your way, are you game for a re-match? Surfer Chick" "P.S. Enjoy the enclosed gift - a pineapple (over)" "Grenade." Who's it from? It's says "Your Hawaiian "Friend"". There's a note! You realize of course, this means war.

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  • bluesockmonkey 14.6.2011
    we loves war!!

    great design...
  • jsfisher 24.6.2010
  • dawg123 23.6.2010
    Hahaha war it shall be
  • Hokulele 23.6.2010
    Heh, you thought the Maui Wowie catnip was diabolical, wait until this year's sabotage effort.

    Hint: Feathers.

    Kitty-Boy, you don't stand a chance...
  • Horatius 23.6.2010
    Oh ho! Hokulele has infiltrated my stronghold! Gentlemen, I give you the loser of the next JREF Poker Tournament!
  • Hokulele 23.6.2010
    You are going down this year, Kitty-Boy.
  • cirkuz 23.6.2010
    the plot thickens - dun dun dunnnnnnnn!
  • SnakeYukin 23.6.2010
    It always does.

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