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Alex Jones: The Epic Fail Story

Horatius on 9. Sep, 2009 — Lang: English

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Alex Jones: The Epic Fail Story
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    Okay, this series really will need some context to make much sense. See the True(tm) Story of Alex Jones' Epic Fail here:

    It's so funny, I'm pretty much going to be reporting it straight up. Well, okay, maybe not, but it's still god damned funny!

    Title: Alex Jones: The Epic Fail Story

    Good evening! Welcome to NWO Documentaries, where we record the Secret History of the World.

    Tonight, we'll be examining the rise, and Epic Fail, of Alex Jones, certainly one of the loudest, not to say stupidest, opponents the NWO ever faced.

    Alex Jones, Self-Made Moron, inspiration for literally dozens of Truthers. Enigmatic, Erratic, and Generally a Pain In The Ass.

    We must ask: How could he be that dumb?

    Rant Roar! Bitch, Complain! Froth!

    That question, and more, will be asked here tonight.

    FEMA Camps! Chemtrails!

    Although, honestly, don't expect an answer to that one. It's hard to imagine there's a good reason for someone being that dumb.

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