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Work In Progress....

Horatius on 30. Jul, 2009 — Lang: English

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Work In Progress....
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    "Go on vacation", they said. "Learn to scuba! It will be relaxing!"

    I have a new story idea, mostly based on some silliness on the radio here this morning, but I need an alien for it, so here's my effort at making an alien, and a scuba diving NWO Kitty. Yes, it takes place underwater.

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  • bluesockmonkey 19.2.2011
    Looking at this strip now (you published it a month before i joined SG), it strikes me that SG artists were even more creative when we had fewer tools--this is a terrific feat of imagination
  • Platowe 31.7.2009
    Dive, dive dive!! Love it.
  • Phiman 31.7.2009
    Very interesting! And something new for the cat!
  • golem 30.7.2009
    great alien. somehow it remembers me a penguin, :p but it's really cool
    (put a fish or two over there at the background, or some bubles to give the underwater effect)

    but... scuba is never relaxing. muahahaha you got the proof
  • Spunkn 30.7.2009
    Under water adventures are always good!

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