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A Bit Too Focused

Horatius on 15. Jul, 2011 — Lang: English

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A Bit Too Focused
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    So, it's about time you came out of hiding. What pathetic plan are you going to try this year? Water pistols?

    You'll never see it coming, Kitty Boy, count on that!

    Well, let's start off with a bet of five hundred. Are you man enough for that?

    REmend me to expalin all the things that are wrong with that comment, but for now, yes, I'll call it.



    Show-off. I'll call that.

    Oh, nice flop! Bet a thousand.


    Oh, that turn couldn't possibly help you. All In!

    O Dear, O Woe, How Could I Possibly Match That? Alas, I Must Fold!

    Ha! I knew it! All bluff and bluster! You'll never outlast me in this ....


    Wait - what -who said that?

    I did. I'll call your all-in.

    Oh. I forgot you were there. Well, I've got pocket aces.

    Well, that's nice, but I've got two pair.

    But thanks for playing!

    What an idiot.

    Ah crap.

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