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Compliments xD

Jebelle on 27. Jul, 2011 — Lang: English

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Compliments xD
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    it's my 3rd comic strip !:D



    it's too much!
    so many compliments! It's overwhelming!!


    1, 2...


    You call that "many?"

    No wonder your brother hit you

    You're the most unsupportive, uncomforting teddy bear I've ever known!

    I'm the only teddy bear you've known


    oh well, better get to know my superiors :D check out their strips!

    ohhh. This_guy's stirps are so dark and cool


    "I"m King"

    hahaha. funny.

    wonder how it ends

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  • NathanTo 18.8.2011
  • gregheffleydude1 9.8.2011
    :)))) Nice job!
  • aderonmen 1.8.2011
    =))))) haha
  • Jebelle 29.7.2011
    thank you :D
  • Flamingdeath 28.7.2011
  • dadebomb123 28.7.2011
    dont forget thumb up's
  • Jebelle 28.7.2011
    thank you :)
  • Jebelle 28.7.2011
    haha. that's the exact term xD chibi!^^
  • Ambrosius77 28.7.2011
    Awesome chibi style!
  • Jebelle 28.7.2011
    Haha. I thought so, but I guess I love him the way he is ^^
  • Jebelle 28.7.2011
    I'm probably the one making it look a lot xD my comments, that it :) another tip! thanks ^^
  • ourWorld_Online 28.7.2011
    I usually get like 12 comments on my strips sometimes more, sometimes less. 10 is actually quite a lot.

    Make sure you are zoomed to 100% when you do the text and if you zoom back out, then you have to click the text box. It will fix it.

    And, I think you need a new teddy.

    edited by owner

  • Jebelle 28.7.2011
    really? yay!xD I'll do my best to keep it up ^^
  • Jebelle 28.7.2011
    @zoltar: haha. true ^^
    @similau: yah! I don't have much time on the pc but I stay tuned for that xD
  • Zoltar 27.7.2011
  • Similau 27.7.2011
    Me too I wonder how that the ''Real Snake Yukin has Returned'' will finish.
  • Jebelle 27.7.2011
    I see. Thank you so much!^^ I'll do that next time I made one! Oh so that's the comic style. The idea and design :D thank you
  • cirkuz 27.7.2011
    a good helpful hint to make sure your text doesnt get cut off is to click on the text boxes before you click on the finish button that will reset you text this comic style...good idea and design
  • dadebomb123 27.7.2011
    funny expressions =D
  • Jebelle 27.7.2011
    thanks benjamin!

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