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greta_grot on 4. Nov, 2010 — Lang: No text

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    I'll explain the title of this strip:
    This is a picture that has started a whole sci-fi story to it. I had this wacky idea that aliens might time travel and create their portals and worm holes by generating very very large quantities of electromagnetism to create their own worm holes used for travel to other parts of the galaxy or other galaxies and time travel also. I then thought or imagined they then created ones that joined planet earth in the area of the bermuda triangle where ships disappear often.The aliens chose to create and join them there in order them to capture humansand take them back to their own planet through these worm holes and force them to help fight there own wars on their planet. This picture doesnt show any of that but more of my strips will eventually. The story is Called "Time Divers "**Which is about time travel under water**(and many many other things!! and one day it will be a novel when i finish writing it and I've only just started.

    This strip is a reply to portals, Nyctophobia
    alien, time travel, worm hole, time, ufo, extra terrestrial
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