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Buns of Steal

Pen_alias on 27. Apr, 2010 — Lang: English

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Buns of Steal
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    Those are raccoons, in case it’s not abundantly clear. I also have a theory that no matter how many times you reread something you typed you always end up sending it out with typos and grammatical errors but I think I managed to avoid that this time. Of course, it may not matter if I do send it out correctly typed; word raccoons may change everything as soon as I send it! So, if there are any errors on this page, you know why.



    Hey, I’m having a barbecue; do you want to come over? I hate barbecues; there are never enough buns! You don’t have to worry about that; I bought plenty of buns. No, you don’t understand; there are NEVER enough buns. Huh? No matter how you count, no matter how much you plan, there will always be more meat than buns! But I just told you I… It doesn’t matter! You could buy up every bun within a thousand mile radius and you would still run out of buns. That doesn’t make any… I don’t pretend to understand it; I only know it’s true. I’ve complained to the bread factories but the answer is always the same: “What do you want from us?” they say, “We’re making them as fast as we can!” they say! But it’s no fault of theirs. Hot dogs come in packs of eight; hot dog buns come in packs of twelve; but always the buns run out first. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you, a conspiracy! Well, if you feel that strongly about it, I can grill something that doesn’t need a bun. How about some corn on the cob? Did someone say corn?

    nothing of importance, raccoon
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  • Quag54 5.8.2013
    We need more raccoon jokes !
  • bluesockmonkey 2.7.2011
    no wonder you hate my babies!! hahahahahaha
  • Pen_alias 27.4.2010
    Depends on the child, I suppose.
  • Pen_alias 27.4.2010
    And on top of everything they spread rabies... Filthy vermin.
  • Pen_alias 27.4.2010
    I just got the silver commentator badge for commenting on my own strip. I could rake in the badges just sitting here talking to myself.
  • Pen_alias 27.4.2010
    They're corn thieves too; did I mention they were corn thieves? They really like corn.
  • Spunkn 27.4.2010
    And I thought they were only responsible for messy back alleys!
  • Pen_alias 27.4.2010
    No, socks are stolen by raccoons too. Missing bread products, missing socks, typographical errors-- all the work of raccoons.
  • 35sheep 27.4.2010
    What if we all just hold on to our ... buns?
  • Spunkn 27.4.2010
    It's like socks going missing after laundry day. It's just one of those unexplainable cosmic events!
  • cirkuz 27.4.2010
    bar-b-cued racoon! whats not to love huh:D
  • Roly2010 27.4.2010
    Strong feelings about a Conspiracy of Buns !
    I quite Relish(!) a Hot Dog,but hey there seems to be enough Racoons to go round ! :DDD
  • Marle 27.4.2010
    This actually happened to me, 2 buns less.. :S
  • 35sheep 27.4.2010
    mmm... racoons!

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