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Listen To Yourself Churn

Pen_alias on 22. Apr, 2011 — Lang: English

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Listen To Yourself Churn
  • Transcript


    Say hello to the nice audience Cheekums.

    Well go on Cheekums, don’t be shy; they won’t hurt you.

    Come on! You’re embarrassing me!

    Speak, you wretched hunk of wood! Are you trying sabotage me!?

    Is there a problem?

    I’ll say there is! I keep feeding this piece of junk its cue, and it just sits there and doesn’t say anything! I think it may be broken.

    Uh, it’s a dummy.


    So, it can’t speak for itself; you have to manipulate the mouth and do the voice.

    What?! What a rip off!

    I thought dummies served their own needs!

    nothing of importance
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  • Quag54 30.11.2012
    I could read a million of these XD !

    edited by owner

  • calm 23.4.2011
    Too dumb to use a dummy properly--LOL Checkums~funny name! :-)

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