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Part-Way return of NEWZ!!!

Flamingdeath on 19. Jun, 2011 — Lang: English

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Part-Way return of NEWZ!!!
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    Will Silena ever return behind that desk and tell us the NEWZ!?!!?!!?!



    If you've just tuned in,I was just going over what was to become of the young NEWZ reporter,Silena.She wont be back for a while.She simply refuses to be blurred.She'll crack eventually,and when she does......

    HEY! I STILL HAVE MY JOB!This is our new reporter dude.I think his name is Will or something like that.I GET PAID!

    In the meantime,NEWZ is cancelled in favor of something we all enjoy much more.I give you....THE JONAS BROTERS!!

    Did he just say "Jonas Brothers"?NO!NO!OH GOD NO!!!!!!

    OMG GINGERS!!!! I can't tell what I should be more scared of.


    Jesus Shilo calm down!

    We took him down,boss!

    Wait a minute,Gingers following a boss?What charecter ruled the Gingers again? GASP! I REMEMBER! IT WAS......

    Thank you Steven.Everyone,my top 3 henchmen, Steven, Samuel, and Shilo.

    I recognize that red nose anywhere!And that tail!Ruler of Gingers...Face of Red......It can only be the one and only...

    If you don't know my identity because you haven't been Flaming's friends for that long,or if you just forget me,let me introduce myself.I am Devil Cat.

    I KNEW IT! Why did it take me so long to say it?Seriuosly,why?

    The Blurries are sending renforcements to retrive their ill-fated news man.Since I cannot run the risk of being captured,I must leave.But my gingers will be more than capable to beat the blur out of them.

    What the hell is going on?Send a Ginger to inform me for God's sake!

    Anyone steps into this room,make sure you'll be the only ones who are capable of stepping out.

    You got it,boss!

    Okay,next one for sure is having a Word Scramble! I'm so happy I don't have to sit throught the Jonas Brothers!!!!!

    Ginger, Kits, Devil, Cat, Steven, Samuel, Shilo, Will, Blur, Blurry, Blurries, NEWZ
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