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Flamingdeath on 5. Jun, 2011 — Lang: English

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    The blurry figures are uprising! What will become of NEWZ naow?



    Uh.......this is somewhat NEWZ! I'm your psychotic and poorly drawn NEWZ reporter,Silena.

    Our top story,Flaming's library still isn't working,and my poorly drawn self is the sad result.

    Now they've messed up the NEWZ??!?! They will pay!!!!!! Wait.....who's *they*?How much pay are we talking?

    I am soooo hating this.But the hit mini-series "Bedtime Story",might not've been made.So....there's that.

    Oh,yea.I like that series.It's a good bedtime story.

    And Shaqu is retiring.I don't know if i spelled that right,but I don't care.

    He's the basketball player,right?The one that's really tall?

    Um....we're getting some interferrence or something.We're breaking up!

    Um............what the hell is going on?This never happened before! Not even when giant flying donuts attacked!


    I'm not sure what is happening,but I don't like this.Can anyone read this?Is it the zombies?Flying biscuts?

    If I don't make it back,tell them it's been an honor to report NEWZ to them!

    If I don't make it back,tell my fans I need money!!!!!!!!!

    Is it me or does the guy in the middle look familiar?

    Forgive the intrusion,but we needed to make sure people knew of the uprising.

    Sorry if this hurt your eyes.

    Our blurry king will want to speak to the young NEWZ reporter.Expect a update on this by the next NEWZ report.

    In other NEWZ,instead of a word scramble this time,a suprise visit from 3 blurry figures.Next time,if it comes.

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  • calm 6.6.2011
    You are so clever, FD! I'm so sorry to hear about your library being taken captive. That happened to me a while back. My husband had loaded Internet Explorer 9 and wha-la---no library. Of course, it wasn't that easy to figure out what had caused the issue. I had to beg my husband to uninstall it (he's not an SG fan--so he was slow about doing it). Anyway, once uninstalled, I was back in business. I hope that you can sort out what's causing your glitch. In the meantime, continue to strip. Your ideas are wonderful! :-)
  • SnakeYukin 6.6.2011
    MY EYES!
  • Tproductions 6.6.2011
    Great :)
  • Netrunner 6.6.2011
    Who are these trouble peoples ?
  • 35sheep 6.6.2011
    Great strip, and yeah: Upgrade your flash and try some other browsers. Did the trick for me a while back. I'm a Firefoxer now ...
  • cirkuz 6.6.2011
    hope they fix your trouble soon...
  • benjamin895 6.6.2011
    hahaha clever;)
  • Maoriman 6.6.2011
    Do what neo said...
  • mdaukulis 5.6.2011
    Love the concept!
  • bluesockmonkey 5.6.2011
    hahahahahaha!! great design, Flamingdeath!!

    (and i am truly sorry about your library; it's weird that the problem only affects some people)
  • Similau 5.6.2011
    Blur newz today: the cat is down! XD
  • opeluna1 5.6.2011
    what a twist! love it..;)
  • OccamsRayzor 5.6.2011
    Nice one - hope you get your library back soon.

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