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Flamingdeath on 28. May, 2011 — Lang: English

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    I bet you were wondering when you'd get more NEWZ!Seriously though,do you want someone like SNOOKI of JUSTIN BEIBER to have the kind of power Oprah did?I know I don't.



    Hello! As you know,I'm your friendly psycotic NEWZ reporter,Silena.And because of a legal issue,I have to annouce that this is our type guy.....whos' name they never told me.

    Oh those bastards!They don't even give my name out?They said I could write it or I was fired! I need money plz!

    First,Oprah is signing off of her show.This will cause problems.

    What problem?Now people have free will again!This is good news!

    I know people don't see the major problem in this,but here it is.

    Enlighten us,oh all knowing news reporter!Give me a break.

    It's a bad thing because everyone did whatever Oprah told them.Now that people aren't listening to HER,have you thought about who they'll be listening to NOW? For all we know,Snooki could become the next Oprah.Or Justin Beiber or Zoltar.Do you REALLY want half the population doing whatever one of THEM said?

    We don't mean to offend Zoltar or anyone mentioned.We just don't think you with Oprah's power would be good.

    The Hangover part 2 came out yesterday,and Kung Fu Panda 2 is already out.I recomend Kung Fu Panda 2 is you liked the first one.I recomend the Hangover Part 2 to everyone.Seriously,the first one was AWESOME!

    I am SOOOOOO seeing The Hangover Part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree with her on that one.The Hangover was AWESOME.I'm going to see it this weekend.Maybe I'll see you.

    And now because we're out of stuff,Movie NEWZ with Violet!

    Pssst.We only do Movie NEWZ when the weather stays the same.

    Seed of Chucky is a good movie.

    Are we paying her to say that?I need a raise!Do you hear me?!?!


    And now for the word scramble!

    I'll write more later.I gotta buy my tickets for The Hangover Part 2 on Fandango.Then I wont wait in lines!

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