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Late-breaking NEWZ

Flamingdeath on 2. May, 2011 — Lang: English

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Late-breaking NEWZ
  • Description

    Clue to word scramble in the print at the bottom.Hehehe,bottom.....

    This strip is a reply to NEWZ!



    This is late-breaking NEWZ! And by "late-breaking",I mean it happened a while ago but it's not being mentioned until now.

    This is really weird so I hope you got a while to blow your mind.

    Flaming Death finally gets Chucky movies on DVD.Recent study:No one really gives a damn what we write here!

    A while back,maybe a month or so ago,there was a freaking PEACOCK on the roof of the Administrative Building at Flaming's school!

    Most surley teens following te 3 R's:RESIST REBEL REVOLT.No one know where they heard it.

    This proves once and for all,that peacocks can fly.TAKE THAT MICHEAL MYERS!

    Subway surpasses Mcdonalds as most liked fast food service.

    the Peacock
    coming soon to theaters

    Some of Flaming's friends decided to name it Kevin after the bird in UP.

    I think Kevin was suicidle,but we can't prove anything because no saw him after that day.

    Rumors of a actual book written by Flaming Death might be true.More next NEWZ strip.Now the weather with Stormy the cloud.

    Going into more recent news,a giant tornado has killed hundreds of people.I forget where,but that's not important.What's important is the fact that even though I can agree that this is a terrible tradgity,I can't stop grinning.It's probably because I'm a psychopath.Hehehehehe.....................

    Camp Crystal Lake to be moved to another part of the lake.Hopefully no one dies THERE.If they do Crystal Lake is doomed.

    Now,a quick weather report with Sam.How is it Sam?

    Wait,since when do we do weather reports?This wasn't part of my contract!

    I'm cooking a cheeseburger on the sidewalk!

    She better make me one of those cheeseburgers.You know how boring it is typeing this?

    And now,the WORD SCRAMBLE!

    Bourn Mrsa

    You know what's a good song? "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars.I could listen to that ALL DAY! If i didn't have to type this.

    what, do, you, want, me, to, put
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  • chels398 10.5.2011
    coolio :D
  • cirkuz 2.5.2011
    you can cook hamburgers on the sidewalk? who knew!
  • terwallace 2.5.2011
    I love the ticker at the bottom!
  • Netrunner 2.5.2011
    great strip. I like what you writing in the little strip.
  • 35sheep 2.5.2011
    Thanks for the update, AND for the weather report! :-)
  • SnakeYukin 2.5.2011
    Now I'll have to listen to that song again.
  • Zoltar 2.5.2011
    LAKE breaking or LATE breaking?? :)
  • opeluna1 2.5.2011
    Bruno Mars, not a fan but ok, great report again! ;)

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