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Flamingdeath on 26. Jul, 2011 — Lang: English

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    Like our type guys said in the second to last panel (Although you really can't see it),we here at NEWZ try to stay out of SG issues because if we did THAT it would get us more involved than we'd like to be. We try to be a little like Switzerland: Neutral but lethal.Or was that Sweden?



    Hello and welcome again to another episode of NEWZ!

    Today we have some catching up to do!Frist off,our topic of the day:DEATH!Ryan Dunn and Amy Winehouse.

    First,Amy Winehouse is DEAD.Autopsy will be soon,and then we'll all know what happened to her.

    And by that I mean:"We'll know if she O.D.ed".

    I MISS AMY ALREADY!Well,not that much to be honest.I'm just going throught my mourning phase.IT'S NORMAL!

    By this time,I think about between 28 and 40 people have died because of the heat.If nothing else,the people in the east are getting a break.

    Also,in my opinion,we're making new technology before we completly handle what we have.

    I have to agree on this.I still saving up for my iPhone.Is Angry Birds as good as my friends say it is?I need to get out more.....

    In movie NEWZ,here's Violet.What's up,Vi?

    BTW I saw "Captin America" this weekend.I liked it.If anyone else did Thumb Up!

    Not much,Silena.

    I hate how many things they changed in the "Nightmare on Elm st." remake,and by the look of the preview,I'm going to hate what they change in the "Spiderman" remake.

    They're making a "Spiderman" remake? A little early for that isn't it? It hasn't even been 10 years! It was a great movie!

    Also,if you stay till the end of the credits for "Captin America",you can see a preview of "The Avengers" which is going to be in theaters in May of next year.

    Btw "Captin America" was a good movie.

    Oh yea I saw that!Hey how did Thor get back on Earth? Did Red Skull open the Rainbow Bridge with the cude thing?

    Just so you know,there's some...errr...turmoil going on here on SG.But we're not getting into that.

    We try to mainly avoid SG issues,but this seems like it may excel,so we might as well say something.

    And now on the brighter side of things,the WORD SCRAMBLE!


    So,if you liked the movies based on other Marvel comics,wait for May to see the "Avengers" movie! Preview at the end of Captin America credits.

    NEWZ, Silena, Violet, Amy, Winehouse, dead, Captin, America
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  • scorpion6782 27.7.2011
    Dang heat. Don't i know it, we live in indiana, which seems to get the brunt of the heat waves every year, and it is FRIGGIN SCORCHIN DOWN HERE
  • terwallace 26.7.2011
    Always a great segment! I'm a little mixed on the Spiderman reboot myself, but I get why they're doing it. Basically, now Marvel has control of it as opposed to the studio, so they're setting it up to fit in the movie universe they're creating.
  • SnakeYukin 26.7.2011
    Darn the heat!
  • NathanTo 26.7.2011
    So much information. :)
  • Ambrosius77 26.7.2011
    Really good. Lot of information in only one strip.
  • Skeptik 26.7.2011
  • dawg123 26.7.2011
    The word is avengers!
    and I didnt see captain america but did see the trailer of avengers lookspretty cool
  • cirkuz 26.7.2011
    another fine feline news report!
  • calm 26.7.2011
    Thanks for bringing us up to speed on so many only the NEWZ crew can do so well! :-)
  • bluesockmonkey 26.7.2011
    as always, chock full of juicy info...
  • opeluna1 26.7.2011
    super cool, always love the Newz
    ah, the word: Avengers
  • markmahem 26.7.2011
    Thanks for the captain america credits tip!

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