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Flamingdeath on 4. Jul, 2011 — Lang: English

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    Did you miss your NEWZ? We gots lotsa stuffs to tells ya today!!!

    Puzzle box sales skyrocket.Also murder and decapitaion is happenin' a lot more than usual.I WONDER why that is......

    Fisrt off,the hit series "SGraiser" is....well...a hit.We talked with Flaming Death about the Ending.

    She didn't let on much until we tried tieing her up.That was a mistake.

    I can't tell you anything because then you'll tell your friends,and they'll tell THEIR friends,and then there wont be any suspense or epic shocks.

    She has a point.That's what made it so popular was the epic and suspense.

    Also,Calm's Zek contest is ending in a few hours.Or,if someone reads this later,it might've already ended.

    CongratZ to who will or did win the contest!

    I was gonna enter with my mad art skillz,but then I remembered I didn'th have an SG account.How sad that is :(.

    And,in really big first time NEWZ...........

    Our very own Flaming Death is Featured Artist for the very first time!!!!!!CongratZ to her!!!

    We almost got a picture of her for the NEWZ,but then we remembered she was busy creating the NEWZ strip.

    And now for the weather with my FTTE,Sam!!!

    FTTE stands for Friend To The End.I wish I had a friend to the end.That'd be nice.

    It's still major beach weather.

    I am seriously out of snappy comebacks.I have no clue wat to say anymore.

    And now for the WORD SCRAMBLE!!!


    Comeback for more of NEWZ.With my,the funny type-guy,Silena the psychotic NEWZ kitty,and Sam the weather Kitty.

    Silena, Sam, NEWZ
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  • Brezhoneg 18.7.2011
    Excellent ^^
    ...Even if I read it very late !!!
  • mdaukulis 6.7.2011
    I love the newz :D
  • Maoriman 5.7.2011
  • killedbytiger 5.7.2011
  • terwallace 4.7.2011
    Ha! These are always great segments! And gratz, by the way!
  • dawg123 4.7.2011
    Its kitty! and nice news yea beach weather still feels real nice!
  • Azzie13 4.7.2011
    I <3 THE newz please keep going with this!!!!
  • This_guy 4.7.2011
  • danie987 4.7.2011
    KITTY!!!Lurv you newz!
  • cirkuz 4.7.2011
    good mews all around :)
  • SnakeYukin 4.7.2011
    KITTY! Also, the weather is good for preparing food on the sidewalk.
  • calm 4.7.2011
    @Miss just spoiled the word scramble for me. Darn it!
    FD, you funny, funny kitty! I love your silly antics! Thanks for including my contest in your NEWZ report. I'm honored! Congrats again on FA! :-)
  • ourWorld_Online 4.7.2011
    congratz. oh and kitty.
  • opeluna1 4.7.2011
    yay! looove the newz, congratz again!
    and the word of course: kitty
  • bluesockmonkey 4.7.2011
    ooooo one of my favorite words!

    luvs teh Newz...luvs it!

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