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Flamingdeath on 29. Apr, 2011 — Lang: English

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    Psst,the clue for the word scramble is in the fine print at the bottom.




    Hello! Flaming let me tell the newz,so just sit back and listen because I stole your mouse.

    Mouse shortage hitting alley cats hard.Many starving and don't have energy to make cute faces at passing people.

    Royal wedding happens!

    First off,Prince William and Kate Middleton got married today!

    Ah,love! To be trapped in wonderful bliss again!

    People are no closer to finding a cure for cancer yet.Will they hurry up already?How much money does it take?


    At Flaming's school,the school had to do on lockdown and trapped a ton of animals who were getting pizza for good attendance.

    There were about triple as many animals with money trying to buy pizza and Caprisun.

    Violet has written a parody to Katy Perry's "Firework" called "Psychopath".Her carrer is booming.She's working on one for "Telephone".

    It turned out there were some "out of control" kids pissed because they got in trouble for something.

    Many cats make the switch to low fat milk for a healthier life.

    Now that I think about it,they got in trouble for chewing gum in class or something,and they got assigned clean-up at lunch.


    Micheal Myers escapes from loony bin.Myers' family is fleeing to Springwood.Bought a home on Elm.

    Calm down! It's okay!

    Was I freaking out?Sorry.Anyway,no one found out what was going on until after lunch.

    They though it was stupid too....

    Upcoming poll:Who is a better author?Stephen King or Edgar Allen Poe? J.K.Rowling is nuetral.

    And the Library is back.Everyone is relishing the return of their beloved items.At least SOMEONE'S happy.

    Missing school children last seen with stanger man is black and white who flew away.

    Now it's time for WORD SCRAMBLE! Can you tell what word this is?


    As mice grow shorter in stock,many cats turn to fish.Bad news for goldfish,as they are easyist to reach.Beta's taste better.

    newz, Selina, not, much, else, to, say
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  • cackle 1.5.2011
    Gold Fish!;))
  • calm 1.5.2011
    LOL :-)
  • benjamin895 30.4.2011
    haha good one:)
  • 35sheep 30.4.2011
    And now: The weather?
  • dawg123 30.4.2011
    Horray for library back!
  • JRMarklin 30.4.2011
    I'll stick with goldfish
    Me quedo con goldfish
  • cirkuz 30.4.2011
    are you sure it isnt dig flosh?
  • SnakeYukin 30.4.2011
    Golf Dish? I mean Gold Fish.
  • Azzie13 30.4.2011
    Thank you for the news and now the weather: for today it will be a nice day to make strips at SG .see you next time and same channel goodbye
  • opeluna1 30.4.2011
    goldfish! eheheeheh like this news report, do it again...=)
  • Zoltar 30.4.2011
    I dont know ! Check the news ! :P
  • Flamingdeath 30.4.2011
    @Zoltar:Might make it into one,if anything interseting happens.
  • Zoltar 30.4.2011
    BTW this is a GOOD idea for a series ! :)

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