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Don't Fuck With Me!

SnakeYukin on 5. May, 2011 — Lang: English

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Don't Fuck With Me!
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    *Note: This isn't a fight with Similau about his comic or him treating me the way he did in it... this is more of a reintroduction or my alter-ego.

    On that note, for those that don't quite know, when I started my comics and, for quite a while, the comics revolved around my alter-ego Snake Yukin (which by my cannon in the comics gained the power of the devil by winning in the court of death and is almost a deus ex machina/Gary Sue character) ... which is what I sorta consider my cooler, darker, evil side. I differentiated these two, besides by looks and the red eyes, by naming the fake version of myself by my real name and my alter-ego by Snake Yukin... but that went away for a bit.

    Why am I reintroducing him... simply put, I haven't been in the best of moods recently (past few weeks) and felt I was more him now then before.

    Plus, it might be fun.

    This strip is a reply to Im a King!



    Welp... that sure learnt him.

    You know, I could possibly use him as a foot...



    Don't fuck with me...

    Heh! Think you're top dog huh? I'll show you.

    It's so simple to crush your head... you can respawn, it's no biggie.

    Mumph umph oomph (I wouldn't try it.)

    I was slightly expecting him to try to pull a gun on me at least... oh well.


    As I said...

    Don't FUCK...

    With ME!

    WAH! You're not suppose to be cool!

    Hmph... it seems I've been away for quite too long.

    It seems these fools have forgot who's the real Snake Yukin and who's the lonely otaku.

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