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Lonely Road

dawg123 on 5. Oct, 2010 — Lang: No text

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Lonely Road
  • Description

    I walk this lonely road for way to long I see people being happy while I pass by being as miserable as anybody can be.Wishing hoping and coping that maybe one day I to will find someone right for me someone that wont leave me for somebody better looking somebody who likes me for me.Until then I will just keep walking alone this empty street called Broken dreams this makes me have a low self esteem but will anyone care?No so i dont bother to ask to talk or to show emotions I just kepp on walking until I have met the end of the road... Hope you guys like it.

    This strip is a reply to Your Call
    lonely, road, sad, story, drawing, dawg123, love
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  • gregheffleydude1 14.12.2011
    Good road!
  • abrotons 29.12.2010
    “You who read this tombstone, you could walk to the stars and get back, because over there there's nothing but you alone again. Man can see what he had never seen, hear what he had never heard, taste what he had never tasted, be where he had never been, but always and everywhere he can only find himself... or not.
    I laid under this stone in the year1094, when there was a drought and up in the sky there wasn't a sigle tear for me.”
    This an epitaph from Bosnia, from a Bogomil believer.
  • abrotons 29.12.2010
    don't be sad
  • terwallace 24.10.2010
    I've walked many a lonely road in my day, but on the plus side, most of them have been by choice. Not all of them though...
  • Flamingdeath 11.10.2010
  • MadameCercle 10.10.2010
    * * *
  • cirkuz 10.10.2010
    "sometimes the times spent alone i have heard and seen and felt the all then it when from my senses in a moment"...cirkuz
  • Streetin 6.10.2010
    nice. ...
  • dawg123 5.10.2010
    @Noonie used to be but not anymore
  • Veronique 5.10.2010
    triste pero cierto¡
  • screenman 5.10.2010
    a lone, alONE ! good ! I will reply to your strip.
  • cheesemaster 5.10.2010
  • Flash 5.10.2010

    But good work!! :)
  • scorpion6782 5.10.2010
    I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
  • isag 5.10.2010
    @snake Yukin: me to xD
  • razornetout 5.10.2010
    Same here. Looking nice :)
  • SnakeYukin 5.10.2010
    And I was expecting a Green Day song reference.

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