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Zeek 205

richard_burkhart on 7. Apr, 2020 — Lang: English

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Zeek 205
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    I do believe I may finish this after all.

    This strip is a reply to Zeek 204



    The battle brothers are busy today!

    Rudevald deals with the airborn threat.

    While Neo deals with the seamingly endless spawn on the ground.

    Which means the Dark Lord is free to attack the gathered armies.

    Oh, where to begin?

    This'll do!

    None can stand before me! I'll crush you all and THEN I'll destroy EVERYTHING!

    But, Neo and Rudevald were not the only heros present.

    Oy, Beastie! Over here!

    Ah've wrestled wi' Nessie, climbed Mnt Olympus, and chased banshees off the moors!

    Ah've fought in the forgotten war an' ah've been entrusted wi' th' ultimate weapon!

    It's time ye faced me an th' ACE 2000, if ye've the stones beastie!

    NeoChomik, LOTR, Zeek
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  • NeoChomik 9.4.2020
    Come and have a go at us, if you think you're hard enough
  • richard_burkhart 9.4.2020
    Wile E. Is a genius after all =)
  • mau 9.4.2020
    those devices are fantastic! They work even without a letter!
  • richard_burkhart 8.4.2020
    @mau, I believe it was ACME, but somehow the "M" on the device got covered up or scuffed out over the years.

    I'd have to look it up to be sure though.

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  • MadameCercle 8.4.2020
    * * *
  • cirkuz 8.4.2020
  • mau 8.4.2020
    but Wile E. Coyote uses the ACME 2000, not the ACE 2000!
    I remember them being portrayed here some year ago, but I don't remember the connection with ACE 2000...
  • MrTerrorKiller 8.4.2020
    Ahh the ACE 2000 where are the Road Runner and Cyote when you need them.
  • stihl 7.4.2020
    One of my favourites:
  • stihl 7.4.2020
  • stihl 7.4.2020
    I recomend you to look some of Marle's oldest strips, he made many superhero portraits
  • stihl 7.4.2020
    You can always look at some older strips that were made ages ago
  • richard_burkhart 7.4.2020
    I have been a big fan of SG and the SG artists since I joined in 2016. One of my biggest regrets is that I missed out on the glory days of SG.
  • richard_burkhart 7.4.2020
    Thanks Stihl. I've enjoyed writing it. I think I'll finish this story-line before the end of the school year, but I intend to keep writing it right up till the end of SG.

    It's been a challenge and a joy to try and keep it fresh (not always successful) while still shamelessly using all the settings and plots from my favorite movies, TV shows and stories.
  • Pen_alias 7.4.2020
    I don't remember any forgotten war.
  • stihl 7.4.2020
    This is very cool, i enjoy the story so much

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