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Its an easy dance

MrTerrorKiller on 1. Jul, 2017 — Lang: English

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Its an easy dance
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    Willow, if you done checking out the cargo, would you meet me in my office?

    And bring your no. 1

    On my way Toric,

    Please join us J5

    Be there shortly sir!

    It appears that your androids burned a bar to the ground! Willow!

    They were provoked!..Sir...


    Well sir, they weren't friendly but I offered them a calming drink...

    Clumsy Me, I accidentally spilt it on them...

    Then the FIRE started!

    I remember it like it was yesterday!

    It was last night J5!

    Ofcourse, H2 tried to put it ou!

    And for some reason, your H2 was full of 150 proof alchohol...

    as long as we all know the steps
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