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...little birdie...

DepresiveNeko on 1. Aug, 2010 — Lang: Slovenčina

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...little birdie...
  • Description

    Timea has done to his girl friend, in which the reliance that allows it to sleep in his warehouse, where it is drunk.Although it had been so dense, long ago would come out that it was her friend.



    Youre again drunk, Timea!!! Hello, little birdie!!!
    (Cool 4) I'm very sorry, but I need to hide these cute little creatures ... never mind that they are tentaclians?
    <wink wink>
    (Cool 1) My life would be so easy if I was a callous, cruel and ruthless bastard ...
    But what you have to ... I think there is enough space for your little friend While sleeps in the store with fabrics in the morning and decide their network and you hide it in a safer place. And under terms of Timea ... Okay .. Timea sleep and you also make others comfortable.
    And do not worry, this place is well protected from the Magic Search ... only hope that Google used ...

    Side Game
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  • DepresiveNeko 2.8.2010
    jak furt.. to sa udialo behom jednoho večera.. ty sa dokážeš totálne opiť a behom dvoch - troch hodín vystriezveť?
  • wich 2.8.2010
    proč je furt opilá ?
  • dawg123 1.8.2010
    Haha look at her big eyes!
  • Flamingdeath 1.8.2010
    They look SOOOO cute!!!!!!
  • SnakeYukin 1.8.2010
    The safe haven.
  • Spunkn 1.8.2010
    Haha! Awesome! Good to have a safe place!

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