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See as bad guy...

DepresiveNeko on 25. Jul, 2010 — Lang: Slovenčina

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See as bad guy...
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    Thought not to Timea good site.Perhaps it would be more suited 2 brain, but sometimes turn to the good side and in addition you need to be smart, if you have power to change part of her body ..But to make killing just to have the feeling that he who sees it is bad. And does not think.Fortunately, the death was quick and quiet. Nonie just did not like it too, but again had enough patience, but persuaded his colleague not too smart to functioning yet indiscriminately inside the hospital, but rather quietly and cautiously.



    I broke his heart! This ist not funny!
    (cool 4)
    why you kill him? Ist look as bad bad guy... (Skill 1) Okey, time for tea!!! (brain4) Stop, baka!(cool 4)it may be there more!
    Propably got in right

    Side Game
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