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Timea Epilog

DepresiveNeko on 2. Aug, 2010 — Lang: Slovenčina

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Timea Epilog
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    I am afraid that the opposition to Timea was created only for Side Game.I'm still not completely committed to attend if SSGG



    Dear Nonie .. I do not know if you ever receive this letter in hand ... I do not know your address or anyone to whom I confided to him, knowing that you submit it.

    It was a tough decision, but the little birdie is right. It's too dangerous. Therefore, we leave the city. No need to worry about your sister, will take care of and we will protect them.

    I do not know how long you live .. may be encountered, and girls grow up and can not help themselves. If not, then at least you'll bring flowers to the grave ...

    Your Timea ... What a weird font...

    side game
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