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I found cube inside cat!

DepresiveNeko on 22. Jul, 2010 — Lang: Slovenčina

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I found cube inside cat!
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    Str 2
    Cool 4
    Skill 4
    Brain 3 Antromorphic Nobody knows how much it is whether he was born, whether it is built, whether created in a secret research.
    If she knows herself, nobody tells.
    It is a black cat, which will run through the path of white rabbit, whose traces can be found in the snow.
    For short and incomplete records found at the police find out where it was found, which held the where it first made a mistake and how much for having paid. Nothing to be praised.
    Now travels around the city at random and with a faint hint of morality sowing death. Vilian It is practically useless, because in addition to making tea knows virtually nothing.
    If you do not exceed certain limits and will not change hands in something, what is not escape.

    Side Game
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