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A Game time with Jesto

NeoChomik on 15. Dec, 2017 — Lang: Polski

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A Game time with Jesto
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    @EDIT: In case of stalemate in votes, I will be totally biased and pick the funnier one to keep the game going - Jesto.

    A small experiment That might be fun for both sides.



    Hello Ladies and Gents of StripGenerator.

    My name is Jesto, one of the few good things that fatass came up with while "creating" on this site

    And I want to play a game!

    Nothing As big as SG Game, it will play like one of those Mafia games, but not as deadly to you!

    Simply put, I will present to you a situation and possible choices. it's your job to pick one and the one with most picks wins.

    For this game to work I will need at least 3 votes from you. The game will last untill the story i came up with is over, You fuc... I mean fail to come up with 3 votes, Or after 18 strips (though it's unlikely outcome.)

    In your hands lies a fate of 3 heroes: Warrior, Ranger and Wizard.

    Look how small and adorable they are

    They are burdened with a task to defeat the Dark Tyrant and you will have to guide them.

    What do you think? pretty swell idea right? It's mine after all!

    Feel like it will work? Want to give it a shot? Then let's do this with this stale bread of a site!

    Let's make a quick Test run. CHOICE TIME! Do you want to play this game with me?



    3 votes required

    NeoChomik, Game Time, Jesto
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