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Zeek 98

richard_burkhart on 4. Aug, 2017 — Lang: English

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Zeek 98
  • Description

    Setting up the final part of this storyline. I hope you enjoy it. It's been bouncing around in my head long enough and needs to get out.



    After fleeing the scene of its recent battle with our heros, the Borg sphere finally arives at its destination.

    Zeek's home planet!

    And beems down one occupant...

    Zeek, you have indeed grown in power!

    And your friends have strengths of their own.

    But I too have grown stronger!

    And, with but a thought, the very world begins to change!

    I will remake your world in my image.

    This time I will choses the battle ground!

    And I will summon minions of my own!


    And in space, above the planet, a Borg Sphere simply ceases to exist.

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