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still working on it

MrTerrorKiller on 27. Jun, 2017 — Lang: English

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still working on it
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    Look at this Willow, a pod that can be dropped from your ship unpowered till you turn it on...

    mostly undetctable, till it launches 15 warheads at your ship!

    I know your tactis, I was once your student...

    Yes, one of my best...anyway,we have a few with stealth tech that you can tractor to your ship also

    I want 40%
    of whatever you have me cant do this without the Clarinet!

    Gotta make money for that ship!
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  • MrTerrorKiller 29.6.2017
    Supposed to be Abrotons , Toric wouldn't trust him if he offered an honest price!
  • abrotons 28.6.2017
    a 40% is maybe too much
  • cirkuz 27.6.2017
    chaos is the rule of the day...
  • craigdragon 27.6.2017
    He sounds like he knows what he's doing
  • Pen_alias 27.6.2017
    I think my band instructor back in grade school used the say that when some of the kids forgot their instruments.
  • snakeoil 27.6.2017
    they be twerk'in for the berkin!

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