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HALT! All Your Strip Generator Belong To Noctopi

firelordA2 on 23. Mar, 2017 — Lang: No text

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HALT! All Your Strip Generator Belong To Noctopi
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  • Tproductions 7.4.2017
  • Fabiolars 26.3.2017
    I missed this, faved!
  • 35sheep 24.3.2017
    Good one!
  • TheComedyRooster 24.3.2017
    Excellent job, great details dude
  • firelordA2 24.3.2017
    Thanks ^^
    @Calm: certainly he is the villain number one in SG ;D

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  • richard_burkhart 24.3.2017
    Fave btw
  • mark_burkhart 24.3.2017
    I like the lab coat if that's what it is
  • mark_burkhart 24.3.2017
    Omg! Well done adaption, you took not octopi and ran with I, it's Great!
  • richard_burkhart 24.3.2017
    Love it!
  • calm 23.3.2017
    Noctopi is a GREAT character, isn't it?! Although richard_burkhart's winning design has not been able to capture royalties from SG strippers on its quest to taking over the world, it certainly looks like he has stolen a couple of our hearts along the way...your & mine!

    Like r_b's Noctopi, your interpretation of him is also just adorable and very likable!

    Long Live Noctopi! :-)
  • abrotons 23.3.2017
    wow, wow!!

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