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Red Robbin Chronicles: KILL THE DEMON!

julian724 on 27. Dec, 2017 — Lang: English

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Red Robbin Chronicles: KILL THE DEMON!
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    Looks like the demon accidentally helped heal my body.

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  • abrotons 11.1.2019
  • julian724 10.1.2018
    Thank you cirkuz, this is actually the one strip I'm most proud of as far as panel layout.
  • cirkuz 2.1.2018
    good comic design...
  • julian724 29.12.2017
    @Neo He wasn't contained. He was flying in the air. that fire around him is like, DBZ energy around them to show their power. Honestly though, thank you for constantly giving me criticism. It honestly helps me, I think anyway, with slowly getting better over time.

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  • NeoChomik 28.12.2017
    Wasn't he like contained? how the heck he managed to attack conveniently four our hero to jump on that tendril
  • craigdragon 28.12.2017
    Someone should of told him not to lose his head
  • richard_burkhart 27.12.2017
    Blue! Fourty two! Hike!

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