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Grey Lightning Episode 1: The heist

DoctorWho on 15. Jan, 2011 — Lang: English

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Grey Lightning Episode 1: The heist
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    Wow... it took me forever to do this strip, I just couldn't get the walls right... for what ever reason stripgenerator was stupid and decided that I cannot have walls without little lines where my boxes are. *sigh* Oh well, so if you couldn't tell, Grey Lightning is my stick figure spy. I give credit to SnakeYukin for teaching me how to make my own characters via youtube, thanx, you really helped me give this a little realism. So, feel free to comment about how I did, or tips to make me better, I'm open for criticism.

    Note: the transcript is not correct, the last two should be switched.



    Somewhere in Switzerland...

    Two guards...

    secret vault to the right

    Obvious decoy straight ahead. Invisible tripwires? probable

    Actual vault is probably behind a secret door around where this text bubble is

    Somehow, I don't think this is going to be easy

    The question is: how am I going to get there?

    2011 Grey Lightning secret agent
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  • jfdsjhkfjhdskj 18.7.2011
    i made a drawing like that once, it ended up in the trashcan, being comforted by the warm embrace of a fire... you did a much better job!
  • bluesockmonkey 7.7.2011
    excellent design with distinctive style!
  • DoctorWho 20.1.2011
    thanks for the compliments. Honestly, I can't draw either, and making 3-D hallways using corners and stuff is what I draw the best, not that its any good, but what i do best
  • Maoriman 20.1.2011
    Great strip. Love the use of angles to give it a 3-D look...
  • calm 20.1.2011
    I understand your frustration. I get so frustrated too when I can't make something the way I invision it. It doesn't help that I can't draw at all! I like your strip and how you used corners for dimension! You'll figure out some of the nuances of SG with more practice. :-)
  • SnakeYukin 16.1.2011
    Now for some heist music.
  • DoctorWho 15.1.2011
    I wasn't referring to the lines that made the corners, I was talking about the thin white and black lines where the black and white boxes overlapped, and I couldn't get them together

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