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A2H on 19. Feb, 2016 — Lang: English

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    It's me again! I've brought you a story about a vengeful chair. No, I don't know why he's so angry either.

    I kind of like him though. Enough to possibly bring him back in the future.



    I'm a chair that has come to life!

    And it's time for revenge...

    Yeah, how'd you like being sat on, huh?

    Niall, sit, sat, sitting, Mr Chair
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  • richard_burkhart 8.1.2017
    Poop on him!
  • MrRandom 26.2.2016
  • calm 24.2.2016
    Haha! So silly! I like him too! Encore for Mr. Chair! :-)
  • MadameCercle 21.2.2016
    * * *
  • Fabiolars 21.2.2016
  • JRMarklin 21.2.2016
    In my country we have a saying: Each pig eventually meets its ...
    En mi país tenemos un dicho: A cada cochino le llega su sábado...
  • Pen_alias 20.2.2016
    Petty right from his head down to his seat.
  • cirkuz 19.2.2016
    i guess youll have to sit and think about it huh...
  • NeoChomik 19.2.2016
    Let me hook you up with my faithful friend, Mr Axe.
  • A2H 19.2.2016
    What toilet paper? XD There isn't any, not that I can see anyway.
  • Elgar 19.2.2016
    Not the toilet paper, though :D
  • Elgar 19.2.2016
    Perfect idea! :D please, bring more objects to life! :D
  • craigdragon 19.2.2016
    That chair needs out in its place! Namely, by the dining room table.
  • abrotons 19.2.2016

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