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Eye Need Assistance

A2H on 23. Dec, 2015 — Lang: English

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Eye Need Assistance
  • Description

    Cranking out another strip that may or may not be bribed.



    HELP! I've grown a pair of eyes!

    AAH! OK, I've got a fork!


    Ooh, hold still...

    How did you get eyes?

    Eye don't know!

    Oh, f*ck you.

    Pete, Ash, Eye pun, you already knew, didnt you?
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  • cirkuz 29.12.2015
  • mattmf 27.12.2015
    This eye pun could not be any cornea.
  • drminesquid 25.12.2015
    wow eye like that you did! ;)
  • NeoChomik 25.12.2015
    Eye see what you did there
  • Sym 24.12.2015
    EYE won't listen to your excuses A2H.

    Yeah, you're welcome.
  • A2H 24.12.2015
    Well, by the time I'd got to that last bit, I'd already done the rest of the strip, and to be honest, I didn't feel like almost starting over.

    Thanks Sym.

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  • Sym 24.12.2015
    Also, congrats on being bribed.
  • Sym 24.12.2015
    Maybe should've put emphasis on the word eye in the last panel and maybe put some stupid grin on that characters face. It would make the other characters outburst seem appropriate. The fact that the character on the left still just seems shocked at the fact he grew eyes and as "eye" has no emphasis on it, it makes the other character have no real reason to curse at him unless he can see the speech bubble (which breaks the 4th wall). Yes, I come onto Stripgen just to critic-EYES you. Mwa ha ha ha.

    edited by owner

  • A2H 24.12.2015
    Eye see I got bribed. Thanks everyone! :)
  • abrotons 23.12.2015
  • craigdragon 23.12.2015
  • Elgar 23.12.2015
    Oh my.....creepy :D
  • Brezhoneg 23.12.2015
  • Ynad 23.12.2015
    good one :-)

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