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He Rises Again

A2H on 16. Dec, 2015 — Lang: English

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He Rises Again
  • Description

    Ooh, saucy.

    Once again, I apologise if I manage to offend anyone.




    What is it?

    I want to talk about you and Jesus.

    Oh just leave us alone!


    Who was that?

    No-one, dear.

    Brad, Ash, Jeebus, Jehovah
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  • Sym 24.12.2015
    Take this strip down right now. As a devout Christian I am shocked that you would tarnish the name of the son of God with your faggotry. Liked, favourited and voted for featured artist.
  • A2H 22.12.2015
    Again, thank you all for the bribe.
  • Nickgenardi 22.12.2015
  • Neinire 21.12.2015
    :D:D wow, that was a really good:D
  • julian724 21.12.2015
  • Quag54 18.12.2015
    oh Jesus
  • theothergamer 17.12.2015
  • Wilco 17.12.2015
    This is Fun tho xD
  • Siaos 17.12.2015
    The priest is just jelly.
  • Fabiolars 17.12.2015
    Hahahaha. Humor blasfemo.
  • Brezhoneg 17.12.2015
  • MadameCercle 16.12.2015
    C'est certain : votre vie avec Jésus ne regarde que vous.
  • SuperSaiyanGoget 16.12.2015
    The is ironic
  • EdWilder 16.12.2015
  • craigdragon 16.12.2015
  • NeoChomik 16.12.2015
    Offended? not really.
    there are other things that grind my gears, but this strip is not one of them.
  • A2H 16.12.2015
    It's just a cautionary measure, really. If someone did get offended (which I'm sure at least one person will, even if they never comment about it), they would probably expect an apology from me. So I'm saving them time.

    edited by owner

  • abrotons 16.12.2015
    he he,,,
    I'm not offended

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