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Oh Turkey Day

Pen_alias on 23. Nov, 2011 — Lang: English

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Oh Turkey Day
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    In order to avoid having this confused as a political cartoon, the president, for the purpose of our story is being portrayed by a generic nonentity. In order to avoid confusion when people see this and realize that looks nothing like the president, I have included the disclaimer you have just read. In order to avoid having to actually put together a caricature of the president of The United States of America, I have made up this lame excuse (because I‘m an American).



    It is now 8:30 a.m.,Thursday November 24th. The prisoner has been sentenced to death in the gas chamber at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for three to four hours or until he reaches a temperature of approximately 170 degrees Fahrenheit and is golden brown. Do you have any last words before you die?

    Only what I’ve been saying all along. I’m innocent baby! And if I could just get out of here I could prove it.

    I’m afraid the matter is out of our hands.


    Hello?…Yes, I’ll tell him.

    That was the president; this turkey has been pardoned.


    Ung…what happened? Last thing I remember I was about to be executed and…

    Good news Mr. President--- the operation was a success.


    turkey, nothing of importance
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