19 April

Too Many Problems

By OccamsRayzor

Too many to handle.

I'm sorry, folks, but I can't do it any more. I've been trying to keep on top of the duplicate strip situation, but it's not working. There are just too many site problems to manage it, especially when so many appear at once. I have to give up.

I finally made time to make a strip of my own, and within five minutes of posting forty five anonymous strips appeared, nearly all of them failed or duplicates. There is not enough time to even keep up with them - not when several can appear in a few seconds and it takes around sixty seconds to delete each one. Thanks to those of you who delete your own failed and duplicate strips, but there's nothing more that can be done about the anonymous ones. I've asked if anything can be done about these escalating problems, such as removing the ability to post anonymous strips and blog comments, but it's not looking promising, so far.

There are people who can no longer log in, and whose passwords now show as incorrect, but the password reset function is broken. I had to have mine reset, just to get in myself, and I cannot log in anywhere else. I dare not log out at home, or I will be locked out again.

I'll continue to remove spam as I see it, but I can only do that in the evenings now, when I'm at home. To you loyal users, thanks a lot for your help.

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richard_burkhart Posted 16.11.2018
Still missing ya, Ray.
blabberman Posted 27.8.2017
oh, god, thanks
Doll Posted 28.6.2017
It has been beautiful. I am so sorry to hear your distress. If I can do anything for you just let me know.
richard_burkhart Posted 18.5.2017
Really miss you, Ray. =(
Occam's Ghost Posted 6.5.2017
Well, it's happened again; my password has failed and I've been locked out for three days, now.
I've asked for assistance, but can't even get a reply, so that's why the spam is now building up on the blog.

I'm sorry everyone, but you're on your own now

OccamsAstralBody Posted 28.4.2017
Thanks for all the kind words, folks. I haven't given up, but can't log in anywhere but at home - hence this 'anonymous' comment. That's why you may notice more spam appearing, because I can only delete it when I'm not at work. We'll keep on muddling along, I guess :-)
NeoChomik Posted 27.4.2017
No one here deserves rest more than you Occams. We all know you do all you can with your limited resources. and they run thinner and thinner by days. we are all grateful for your commitment and hard work.

Let's face it. This site is dying and there's nothing we can do. Perhaps if we had ANY form of contact with devs we could perhaps crowdfund to hire them to fix SG for another year or two. But that's just a dream.
richard_burkhart Posted 26.4.2017
Thank you for all you do and have done. Please take time for yourself. Everyone loves it when you actually get to post your own strips. If it all goes to hell anyway, we can at least take the scenic route with some strips from you. =)
snakeoil Posted 24.4.2017
ty 4 yur service!
firelordA2 Posted 23.4.2017
it's a matter of time how long SG will last
Elgar Posted 23.4.2017
We are with you! keep up the good work! :)
dogtrax Posted 23.4.2017
Thanks for doing what you are doing. Seems like a downward slope ...
craigdragon Posted 22.4.2017
Are there any short term solutions we can use to try and fix parts of the site until hopefully we can find a long term solution?
abrotons Posted 21.4.2017
it's a pity... and I think calm is right, we miss your art
I won't change my password, just in case, and told veronique, who is a little absent, not to do it
Fabiolars Posted 21.4.2017
Gosh! SG has lot problems and it´so hard.
EdWilder Posted 20.4.2017
calm Posted 20.4.2017
OR, this post makes me so sad! Please know that I appreciate all you have done/do to keep SG functional. Please take the time to have fun -- make more strips!
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