22 February

Blah, Blah, Something Different

By OccamsRayzor

Might as well make the most of it.

Well, the old spam keeps on trickling in, and I keep on deleting it. Since some of you apparently actually read this blog, let's do something creative. I'll keep on deleting spam but we may as well throw a little creativity into the mix.

This week, poetry.

I'll start the ball rolling, and if any of you have something original of yours that you'd like to post in the comments, please do.

The Stranger

This morning

I met a man

A stranger


And as I stared



Concertina folded eyes



Furrowed brow

Ploughed by time


Challenged by

His returned



I turned away




If he is still there

I will ask him

What he is doing

In my mirror

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richard_burkhart Posted 11.4.2017
OccamsRayzor Posted 2.3.2017
@julian724 - not any more. Now you just look rude :D
julian724 Posted 2.3.2017
richard_burkhart Posted 28.2.2017
Love it so far....hmmm poetry? Won't probably go to deep myself, hate my mirror btw.
julian724 Posted 24.2.2017
@abrotons, Thanks.
abrotons Posted 23.2.2017
wow.. it sounds great
julian724 Posted 23.2.2017
Those last three comments all go together with the lowest one coming first, my comments were too long apparently.
julian724 Posted 23.2.2017
My virginity was something I was content with, I was way to young to NOT have it honestly. But the idea of giving it to someone who thought my body was a work of art brought a tear to my eye, and so do the memories. When you got me drunk, and came onto me, how could I say no?

You were a bad person, and I loved you, but I hated who you were. I hope the next person you take advantage of doesn't have the hindsight I do.
julian724 Posted 23.2.2017
An older person finding an innocent defenseless younger one, this story has been told a million times, so why did I think we were different?
You were a siren, in more than one sense.
The closer I got to you the further I drifted from my parents.

I still have holes from the needles you left in my arm.
julian724 Posted 23.2.2017
I saw you walk out of the store with a bag in your hand and your finger on your mouth.
you hadn't paid for it.
You took me by the hand and showed me a world I've only ever dreamed of.
It was exciting living on the edge, but the higher you get the more it hurts to fall.
cirkuz Posted 22.2.2017
i broke a mirror 7 years ago
and no matter how i pleaded and begged
it refuses to cast bake my refection
not to mention my uncanny on going bad luck...

a warning to you my friends
never make a mirror mad at you if you can help it...
and now a poem...

there once was a knight from Kent...
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