12 February

Die, spammers, DIE!

By OccamsRayzor

I hope they get Ebola.

The spam continues. It's endless, and I couldn't be bothered deleting individual spam posts any more, so the whole blog post has gone. Nobody reads these things, anyway.

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tyronecarino100 Posted 21.2.2017
i feel you, man
richard_burkhart Posted 15.2.2017
To bad there oisn't an antispambot
NeoChomik Posted 15.2.2017
As the site is dying from neglect of it's creators, spamming bots are like scavengers, I've seen that happening on some forums, so I assume that's natural.

I can see this whole issue takes a toll on you, as you are the only guy with some ressemblence of power that can do SOMETHING about it and yet you see how pointless the struggle is.
cirkuz Posted 14.2.2017
you're right...
i didnt read this at all...
richard_burkhart Posted 14.2.2017
I read em. Spammers suck.
abrotons Posted 12.2.2017
well, I do
EdWilder Posted 12.2.2017
Boy howdy, I sure as heck do, so help me Hanna!
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